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Frequently asked questions


Happy bulldog questions about dog walking

Q.What do I need to provide?

A. Walks a well fitted collar or harness with a name/I.D tag displayed. A lead. Any coats/harnesses that your dog wears normally. 

Home visits; Any food or treats that you wish your pet to have must be left out. If I am to give your pet medication then this must be left out with clear dosage instructions.

Emergency contact numbers must be up to date.

Q. What happens in the event of an emergency?

A. In all situations I will contact the emergency number or numbers that you have given me. If I am unable to contact you and I feel that the pet needs urgent medical treatment I shall take the animal to either the designated vet that you have given me or I shall take them to my own vet or the nearest one.

Q. My dog does not like other dogs,can you still walk him/her?

A. As long as this is made clear during our meet and greet I can take your dog to a quieter place  to gradually build social skills  and confidence. Muzzles can be worn but must be provided by you if you feel your dog needs this.

Q. It's raining will you still walk my dog?

A. Come rain or shine I will still take your dog out and towel dry those wet muddy paws  before going home to protect your floors.

Q. Do you walk aggressive dogs?

A. It really depends on what type of aggression they have. If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs then I would suggest to use a muzzle and book the solo walk. Please contact me to discuss your dog and their needs

Q. My dog normally walks off lead can you walk him off lead too?

A. As a general rule dogs will be walked on lead .but if you require your dog to be off lead then there are some steps that I will take to do this. As your dog does not know me I first need to build on confidence and trust. Once I know your dog responds well to me I can take them to an enclosed area to work on recall to ensure that their recall to me is good. Once I am happy that they are responsive to me and have a good recall I can then take them off lead once you have signed an off lead form of consent. Please also ensure that you inform me of any behaviours that your dog displays when off lead for example; they will chase a squirrel, fox, horse. cyclist. people etc.

Any other questions please contact me and I will do my very best  to answer them.

Dog walking in medway

Q: What areas do you cover?

A. I cover dog walking and pet care in Medway   Inc;





Hoo st Werburgh

Upper,Lower and Middle Stoke



Cliffe woods

High Halstow

If you live outside of these areas please contact me to discuss this.