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The small print

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Service forms

    Now for the boring yet important stuff. As with all public services there is an element of paper work to fill out. When I arrange a meet and greet meeting with you I shall bring agreements and policies for you to read and if you wish to go ahead and use my service these will need to be signed, depending on which service you wish to use. These policies and agreements can/will include,

  •  emergency contact information
  • service agreement
  • permission forms
  • report cards
  • key holding agreement
  • vet details 

  These forms are quite straight forward and form an agreement between both parties. So that you are not bombarded with paperwork on our first meeting, I am happy to leave the forms with you and collect them before  I begin any agreed work with you. Anything within these forms that you are unsure about or are unhappy with then please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this


 During my meeting I will ask for permission to photograph your pet and to display their pictures on my website,Facebook and other social media accounts held by Kings Walks. Please let me know if you do not wish for me to post any photos of your pet.  The photos taken and used are the property of kings walks and may not be used without permission. copyright Β© 2018 Kings walks - All Rights Reserved.