A very merry Christmas to you all from Kings Walks 🐾🐾

Weather policy's

Winter /wet weather

    As the nights draw in and the weather starts to get colder and wetter kings walks have put this policy in place for the safety of your pets. During the winter I have to consider if it is safe for me to get to your pets eg; snow and ice and also if it is safe for your dog /pet to be outside in the weather.

Dog walking, with the weather getting wetter we need to ensure the safety of your dog. Depending on the activity level of your dog if I feel that it could cause a risk of them slipping then walks may be adapted to street walks so that your dog is under control at all times on the lead as we don’t want to risk slips and falls that may cause damage. If you require your dog to be off lead then we can reduce /stop high activity of ball games ,chasing etc. If your dog is likely to feel the cold or you normally put a coat on them then please let me know and also leave the coat with their leads/harness so that they can wear them. 

Snow days  I will aim to take your pet in the snow as long as it is safe to do so. With snow comes hazards of slipping and falling and also feeling the cold. If I can not get to your dog due to snow then I shall contact you to discuss this. 

As with all walks if your dog gets wet and muddy then walks may be reduced slightly to give me time to clean and dry them off.

Storms;  some dogs do not like storms inc-thunder and lightening. If the weather takes a turn while we are out I shall make sure that your dog is safe which may mean that I have to bring them home early. I will also contact you to let you know that this has happened and I can stay with them for the remainder of their booked time to ensure that they are happy and safe. If I have any concerns after getting them home then I will contact you. If you know your dog gets nervous or anxious during these times then please let me know so I can ensure their safety and do not put them at risk.

Pet pop ins/home visits; if I am calling in to see your pet at home and the weather is not good outside I shall ensure that they are able to relieve themselves but may need to keep outside time to a minimum. I shall make sure that their paws are dried once back in. If you have any special requests Eg; keep the cats indoors , then please let me know especially if it is something different from the usual routine. If I feel it is not safe for them to go outside then I shall contact you to discuss this.   

 Darkness.  As it is starting to get darker earlier and you have or normally use any reflective /light up collars leads that you wish for me to use then please leave these out and I shall ensure they are used on your dogs walk. If I take your dog out and feel it is not safe to let your dog off lead due to darkness then I shall keep them on lead for their safety. I will not take dogs into parks/woods late at night due to their safety and my own.

As with all my services if anything changes or could have an impact on the happiness and wellbeing of your pet then I shall contact you or your emergency contact person to discuss this further and to change or adapt the service I provide to keep your pet safe. If you would like to discuss any of the above with me or have a question regarding something else then please contact me .


Hot weather


As the weather has now started to get hotter. kings walks have put this policy into place to cover any queries you may have during the summer months. I will only take your dogs for a walk if I feel that it is safe to do so. I will take them to places that have many shaded areas and cover for them to take a break from the heat. I will not do any street walks due to the pavements becoming extremely hot and this could cause damage/burning to their paws/pads. I will supply lots of water breaks and take bottles of water with us on our walks. I also carry a cool box with cold and iced water in the van and also shall have the air 

conditioning on during them being in transport. If they are showing signs of discomfort from the heat I shall cut the walk short and take them home. I will assess them throughout the walk for signs of discomfort and take measures appropriate to ensure their well being. If the temperatures reach a level that I feel is too high for the dog to cope with on a walk I shall unfortunately have to cancel or postpone the walk after consulting you. If you feel it is too hot for your dog and as you know them the best and how they respond to the heat I will not charge any cancellation fee if you feel the  walk needs to be cancelled. I can offer a home visit instead of a walk so that they can have a comfort break at home. If this is something that you would prefer then please let me know in the morning of the day I am to take them. I can take your dog later in the evening if you would prefer  as the weather is cooling down and your dog may be more comfortable with this. Your pets well being is priority and I will adjust/adapt walks to ensure their happy, comfortable, content and safe.

If you have any queries regarding anything else that I have not covered then please contact me